Love to garden? Why not rent a garden bed from us? As part of the new garden program, we have decided to make 12 of the raised beds of the large garden available to those who would like to have their own garden to tend and harvest what they choose. The garden rental is $100.00 for the year. We will provide the initial composted soil and timed irrigation daily. All gardens must be kept fully organic. We use no pesticides or fertilizers that are not certified organic and require that of anyone gardening on The Open Studio site. We expect the gardens to be cared for, weeded and harvested on a timely basis. There will be no refunds if you decide you don't care for gardening.

For an additional fee, we will provide someone who can care for your garden. Early planting for those who do not return to Florida until later in season, and/or weeding and care throughout the season will be available. Cricket is working on those details so if that is something you might be interested in, please let us know and we will provide those fees. For those in Florida now, there are some beds ready and you can go to TOS, arrange with Cricket and start gardening whenever you want.

If you are not in Englewood but are interested in having a garden you can send payment through Paypal or a check made out to The Open Studio and sent to 380 Old Englewood Rd. Englewood, FL. 34223.

We will rent the beds on a first come, first served basis.

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At The Open Studio, 380 Old Englewood Rd, Englewood, Florida 34223