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The Open Studio is a member-based, 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization founded to support and encourage the creative spirit in people of all ages and abilities. Its activities may include, but are not limited to providing space and equipment for artists, teachers and entrepreneurs with new small business ideas.

We will provide member mentors and classes in those and related areas, such as the business of art, stress management techniques and practices, addressing creative blocks and distractions, money management, organizational strategies and guest artists and speakers for inspiration and entertainment. The Open Studio will also offer workshops and retreats for members and guests, and both indoor and outdoor display areas for member creations.

The Open Studio supports reducing our carbon footprint upon the earth and sustainable practices that protect or rebuild our natural environment. It will operate from these principles by:

  • offering programs in sustainable and organic gardening
  • raising member awareness through recycling and reuse practices
  • organic maintenance programs for buildings and surrounding grounds
  • examples of xeroscopic and native landscaping
  • organic gardens on site and member agreements to promote and support these principles

The Open Studio will not be limited to these activities, but will remain open to changing to meet the needs of our community through any offerings compatible with its mission statement and allowed by law.

For group tours, picnics, and retreats, please contact our Administrator, at Email:

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