Second Annual Edible Landscaping Tour
Hosted at The Open Studio!

This year's theme: "Food Preparation"

Saturday, March 24th, 2018

Self-Guided Tour:
9:00AM - 5:00PM;

Lunch/Food Preparation Demonstrations:
11:00AM, 1:00PM, 3:00PM

Fermentation Demonstrations:
10:00AM, 12:00PM, 2:00PM

Tour Tickets:
$15.00 adults, online/in advance
$20.00, at The Open Studio the day of the event

16 and under free

No pets please

Tickets available from Eventbrite here.

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Event Summary:

  • the self-guided tour features seven (7)) residential properties throughout the Englewood and Venice area

  • Chef Carson Schiro from Manasota Beach Wine Bar and Bistro, will demonstrate the prepartion of meals consisting primarily of foods harvested from the gardens of The Open Studio

  • Jillian Ross, "The Ferment Lady" will conduct demonstrations on fermentation

  • Andy Firk will have an information booth and will be available to discuss Florida edible plants

  • demonstrations of cooking and peanut butter chaya will be held at two of the Tour properties (details with your ticket purchase)

  • tickets are available both online and at The Gallery at The Open Studio in advance

  • A limited number (120) of freshly-prepared lunches are available on a first-come, first-served basis

  • Purchase Tickets now on Eventbrite here.

Please continue reading for the full event details and what you need to know.

The Tour

The Edible Landscaping Tour 2018 features seven (7)) properties throughout the Englewood and Venice area. These are residential homes where the landscapes have been developed with a focus on plants and trees that produce fruits and vegetables. Although growing food is the primary goal for these homeowners, you will see that these gardens are also rich in beautiful native and flowering species. The gardens on this tour strive to create healthy, diverse and balanced ecosystems.

You will have the opportunity to meet the owners of each property. Along with volunteers, they will answer your questions and show you around their yards. The properties vary widely in their stage of establishment, from first year growers with big plans, to multiple decade food forests., You will observe how these edible landscapes develop from their early steps,through to mature system management.

Of special note is that wherever possible, the Tour properties are practicing fully-organic methods, using very little to no chemicals for pest and disease control or fertilization. Key to building and maintaining a lively, food producing garden is tending to, and promoting a healthy ecosystem - from the soil up. This requires planting native and non-native species - some edible, some not - that both thrive in our climate and attract the beneficial microbes, insects, and animals that keep our food crops flourishing.

Many of the properties on this Tour are also creatively utilizing other sustainable practices and techniques including rain water harvesting systems. 

The Tour is self-guided. Visit the participating properties in any order you choose. Volunteers will be available at each property to swap your ticket receipt for a guidebook with the addresses and descriptions of what you'll see at each location.

The homes on each Tour property are PRIVATE and are closed to Tour participants. Restroom facilities are available ONLY at The Open Studio.

Please see the appropriately titled sections below for presentations, ticket, lunch, and guidebook information.

Food Preparation Demonstrations And Lunch

This year's Tour theme is "Food Preparation" - making the connection between growing your own food, bringing it into your kitchen, and creating a meal out of it.

To assist us in making that connection, we are very excited to have Chef Carson Schiro from Manasota Beach Wine Bar and Bistro, who will be demonstrating the prepartion of meals consisting primarily of foods harvested from the gardens of The Open Studio. The preparation of three different meals will be demonstrated, each using similar garden ingredients, but incorporating different proteins including plant-based. The meals that Chef Schiro prepares will be the lunches you have ordered!

Meal preparation demonstrations/lunch times are 11:00AM, 1:00PM, and 3:00PM, and will be held in the backyard gardens at The Open Studio.

(Please see the lunch options ordering information on our Event Ticketing System.)

About Chef Carson Schiro:

Carson Schiro has had a life-long interest in the culinary arts. He can remember as early as 8 years old, enjoying time spent in the kitchen with his mom and grandma, helping them cook delicious meals.

Throughout his career, Carson has been inspired by the farm-to-table movement and the likes of Denmark's Noma, which is highly touted for serving a predominantly wild-foraged cuisine. To solidify his passion for the truly fresh harvest, he traveled to Jamaica where he spent time in the mountains with the locals gathering and preparing sustainably cultivated cassava, ackee, yams, herbs and vegetables. Now, as the Executive Chef at The Manasota Beach Wine Bar and Bistro, Carson strives to push the envelope in his quest to source the finest locally grown ingredients. Following the seasons is his key to crafting top notch, mouth-watering meals.

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Fermentation Demonstrations

We are also very excited to have demonstrations on fermentation by Jillian Ross, "The Ferment Lady". Fermentation demonstration times are 10:00AM, 12:00PM, and 2:00PM, and will be held in the backyard gardens at The Open Studio.

About Jillian Ross:

Jillian Ross has been helping people build healthier immune systems for eight years now. On a personal quest to self-heal after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and head-to-toe psoriasis, she has been experimenting with the traditional fermentation of different foods and beverages.

After years of research, Jillian discovered The Art of Fermentation, by Sandor Katz, her guru of all things fermented. Through his teachings, she was able to completely overhaul and restore her body to its optimal health, with zero medications. Driven to teach and help others "love their guts," Jillian shares her knowledge on the science and methods of how to properly ferment foods and beverages. She teaches students how to make kimchi, kombucha, kvass (nourishing tonic), milk/water kefir, ginger bugs (for various homemade probiotic sodas), various lacto-fermented pickles/vegetables and more. The Ferment Lady

Andy Firk

We are pleased to have Andy Firk back with us this year in the gardens at The Open Studio. Andy will have an information booth set up and will be available to talk about edible plants and their practical and indigenous uses. This is a great opportunity to speak with a true expert!

About Andy Firk:

Andy Firk is a local wild crafter who tends to his edible, medicinal and useful plants at his homestead in Arcadia, FL (Bamboo Grove). He is well known in the Florida botanical community as a host of many guided plant walks through local parks and forests, edible plants enthusiast gatherings and speaking engagements at prominent events such as the Florida Herbal Conference and Florida Permaculture Convergence. Andy's passion and focus lies in the discovery, procurement and sharing of lesser known fruit and vegetable crops.

Purchasing Tickets, Lunch, Ticket Receipts, and
Obtaining Guidebooks:


Advance ticket purchase for the Second Annual Edible Landscaping Tour is recommended; tickets are available on Eventbrite here.. Adult, Tour only tickets are $15.00 in advance, or $20.00 at The Open Studio the day of the Tour. Children 16 and under are free. No pets please!

Tickets may be purchased in The Gallery at The Open Studio, only during normal Gallery hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sundays, from 10:00AM to 2:00PM.

You will be asked for your name, email address, and phone number when you purchase your tickets. You will be given a receipt; you must have the receipt with you to attend the Tour.

Tickets may also be purchased at The Open Studio on the day of the Tour Event. Adult Tour tickets are $20.00; children 16 and under are free. You will receive a "PAID" receipt for the number of tickets purchased, and one guidebook for each ticket purchased. Based on advance sales, there may be lunch tickets available for purchase the day of the Tour Event. This cannot be guaranteed.

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An optional lunch is available as part of the scheduled food preparation demonstrations held in the backyard gardens at The Open Studio at 11:00AM, 1:00PM, and 3:00PM. Chef Schiro will be demonstrating food preparation techniques as he prepares your lunch, live! Lunches are limited to 40 each at each of the three demonstration times (only 120 total available). To avoid disappointment, purchase your lunch option tickets early, either at The Gallery at The Open Studio, or online on Eventbrite here..

Lunches are prepared primarily from foods harvested from the gardens of The Open Studio, with the addition of your choice of one of three proteins - chicken, fish, or oyster mushroom (vegan/gluten-free). Lunches are $10.00 each. Lunches may be purchased along with Tour tickets either at The Gallery, or on Eventbrite here..

A description of each lunch option is provided on the online ticketing system and at The Gallery for on-site ticket purchases.

Please note that lunch options must be purchased prior to Tuesday, March 20th. Lunch options will no longer be available beginning Tuesday, March 20th.

Your Receipt

When you purchase a ticket(s) for the Tour, you will receive a receipt; this is redeemed at the first property you visit for a Tour guidebook, one guidebook per purchased ticket.
If possible, please do one of the following:

  • print the receipt and bring it with you the day of the Tour
  • save the email receipt you receive on your phone
  • bring your receipt from The Gallery if you purchased your tickets there
Our volunteers at the various properties will have limited ability to verify your Tour ticket and meal purchases.

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Our Special Thanks:

We'd like to say a special thanks to:

  • Chef Carson Schiro from Manasota Beach Wine Bar and Bistro for his generous donations of time, knowledge, and talent... and lunch!

  • Jillian Ross, "The Ferment Lady" for her generous donations of time, knowledge, and talent

  • Andy Firk for his generous donations of time, knowledge, and talent

  • the property owners who have graciously donated their time, energies, and properties to this Tour

  • our volunteers for their hard work and perseverance

  • our sponsors; please support them

Be A Part of The Open Studio and The Edible Landscaping Tour - Volunteer!

If you would like to volunteer at The Open Studio or one of the Tour properties, assist with promotion distribution, or in one of the myriad ways your help is always needed at The Open Studio, please contact our administrator, Judi Jenkins, at 941-681-8188 or via email at

Help spread the word by sharing the Facebook Event!

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Second Annual Edible Landscaping Tour
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